Ana Homayoun speaks to parents, educators, and students around the world on a wide range of topics related to child and adolescent development, including executive functioning, social media, personal productivity and overall wellness. Below, please find sample speaking topics; she is always thrilled to personalize her presentations to the needs of a specific audience or community.


Selected Topics:


Social Media Wellness: Understanding the Intersection of School, Stress and Social Media

Working with kids in today’s digital world has never been so complex, and keeping up with the latest social media trends can seem like a never-ending challenge. Today’s technology-infused learning environments play host to many distractions, including social media. Many teens and young adults typically use online tools to promote and maintain community, and with that opportunity comes potential challenges. Ana helps parents and educators understand the new world of social media socialization, and provides practical tips on how we can all work to make better choices around social media use and overall wellness.

“Ana is a dynamic, engaging speaker who accurately portrays the challenges teens face in a 24/7 digital world.”

Dean of Students, St. Francis High School, Mountain View, CA

Overcoming the Culture of Perfectionism at Work: How to Train a Staff Afraid of Making Mistakes

The culture of perfectionism has never been so detrimental to workplace productivity, as recent college graduates are entering the workforce fearful of making everyday mistakes. As a result, many become stuck in “analysis paralysis,” and are unable to reach their full potential. Ana helps managers understand how to train and work with this new generation of workers, and how to effectively communicate in a way that maximizes effectiveness and productivity.

Navigating New Beginnings: Helping Students Successfully Manage School, Social Media and (Home)work-Life Balance

Middle school and high school students juggle a lot – including rotating schedules, increased extracurricular interests and new social opportunities. We all want to set our students up for success, but what organizational and time management practices can we put in place?  There are effective strategies that can make a big difference. Ana’s presentation provides practical, implementable tips on how to encourage students’ development of executive functioning skills, and address some of the real-life dilemmas of our new world of social media socialization.

The Culture of Perfectionism: Overcoming the Fear of Failure and of Never Being “Good Enough”

In today’s world of high expectations, many individuals — regardless of age — feel an underlying or overarching anxiety of never being good enough. They often believe that something is “missing” in their pursuit of achievement, success, and happiness. It doesn’t have to be this way! Recognizing that we each have our own internal definition of perfection is often the first step in redefining and honing our values, developing healthy habits, and pursuing a purpose-filled life.

Building Buoyancy: Helping Students Bounce Back From Disappointments

We all experience mini-failures and disappointments, and leadership and personal development research often cites the importance of resiliency in building character and determination. Building buoyancy skills can be one of the most promising keys to happiness, success, and good health. In this talk, Ana examines the underlying importance of buoyancy — or how quickly and effectively one bounces back from a setback — and the ways it is often overlooked or unaddressed.

“Ana is current, pragmatic, and she is able to communicate solutions to the issues young people face in maneuvering their transition to adulthood.”

Retired Principal, Egan Junior High, Los Altos, CA